Family-Friendly Apartments in Walnut Creek
What does it take to find a family-friendly apartment in Walnut Creek? This may be a question that you’ve been asking yourself as you diligently search for a new home that not only delivers a floor plan that fulfills your wish list but one that also provides the perfect environment for your family.
When renting at The Terraces, you’ll find one of the most important amenities for any family — though the kids may not exactly be as enthused. Some of the apartment homes available in our network of residences offer laundry in-home. And we all know just how much laundry you can go through when there are little ones involved, whether it’s infants requiring myriad outfit changes per day, or older kids sullying up their clothes while playing outside. If there aren’t machines in your actual apartment, we have plenty of options that provide facilities on-site, so no matter what, you still won’t have to pack up all those clothes and whittle away the hours (better spent elsewhere) at a local laundromat.
Many of our apartments allow both dogs and cats, so if the little ones have been begging for a furry four-legged friend to call their own, a move into The Terraces means that wish can finally be fulfilled. And being situated in a quiet residential neighborhood, walking a dog isn’t the overwhelming task that it would be in a busier, bustling urban setting.
Just a short walking distance to the Walnut Creek BART station, living in one of our family-friendly apartments in Walnut Creek means taking the whole family into San Francisco is easy as can be, without any need to think or worry about the prospect of parking once you arrive into the city. Whisking away the family into the controlled chaos is the ultimate way to expose everyone to all the cultural wonders the city has to offer, from museums to theaters to galleries to diverse restaurants and beyond. The best part is, at the end of the day, you all can return home to the peace and quiet of the suburbs. It truly is the best of both worlds.
It’s time to end your search for a family-friendly apartment in Walnut Creek. Give us a call and let’s talk about taking the next steps to make you the newest resident of The Terraces!